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An Industry First!  An Adhesive Tweezers
How to Use
  1. Remove cap, hold the device like a pen and gently touch the nozzle to pick up target objects.
  2. To release adhered item, slide the release lever toward the nozzle and release the objects.
If Adhesion Becomes Weak
  1. Insert nozzle into cleaning hole of the cleaner, touch nozzle tip to tape inside and remove dirty adhesive. If adhesive does not remove, repeat as necessary
  2. After cleaning nozzle, turn knob to clockwise to supply adhesive for nozzle.
    *When there is a suitable amount of adhesive on the nozzle, turn the knob to counterclockwise to stop supply of adhesive, and adjust the amount of adhesive.
  3. Please change the cartridge when the adhesive reserve passes the red mark on the “E(empty)” side of the indicator window.
  4. After cleaning nozzle adhesive 3 to 4 times, turn the knob 45 to 90 degrees in the direction of the arrow to advance cleaning tape.
  5. Please replace cleaner when the color of cleaning tape turns red.
  1. Number of Cartridge Uses: 30,000 to 80,000 times available.. (Depend on model and environment.)
  2. Recommended ambient temperature for use is 20 to 40 degree Celsius. (Reduction of adhesiveness and remain of adhesive on objects might take place outside of this temperature range.)
  3. This product uses polyvinyl acetate resin as adhesive.
  4. Our company has a recycling program to contribute to global environmental protection. Please return all used cleaners and cartridges to us. We will refill and return it for a fee.
  5. Ideal dimensions and weight.
Suited To (Estimated Dimensions)
Estimated Maximum Weight

◆Cartridge: NP Series
 One cartridge has 30,000 to 80,000 times uses
(varies on model and environment)

◆Cleaner type number: CP-2101
 One cleaner can clean approximately. 3 cartridges

*Products and packaging can be changed at any time without prior notice.

  1. Do not store in high temperatures for extended periods, and do not pick up hot objects.
  2. Do not allow nozzle to touch oil or fluorine liquids.
  3. Adhesive may not come out if stored for extended periods, or depending on usage environment. Please warm up nozzle to use.
  4. Do not use for purposes other than tweezers applications.
  5. Place cap on tweezers and store sealed when not using for extended periods.
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★We recycle our products to protect the global environment. Please return all used cleaners and cartridges to us. We will refill it (for a fee) and return it to you reusable.


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