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Frequently Asked Questions (Q&A)
  • Q1.Do the High-tech Tweezers use suction?
    A1.They are adhesive type tweezers. They don’t use suction.
  • Q2.How do they work?
    A2.A tiny amount of adhesive comes from the tip, it sticks target objects, and they are released by release lever.
  • Q3.Does it need control force?
    A3.Not necessary. It is available anywhere.
  • Q4.Does the adhesive remain on the objects?
    A4.On a molecular level some adhesive might remain, but this is not visible even through a microscope. (If used between 20-40℃).
  • Q5.Does it need a cleaner?
    A5.Dust will stick after continued use, it decreases adhesive ability. It is necessary to clean it to remove old adhesive.
  • Q6.What should we do when the cartridge runs out?
    A6.Cartridge is expendable supplies. We also sell the cartridge only. Please inquire for further details.
  • Q7.How to operate the tweezers?
    A7.Please refer to the instruction manual or check an animated video on the operation.
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